Your Rescue Dog's First Holiday Season

As the calendar turns to December, it’s time to celebrate the holidays. This can be an incredibly busy time for families with lots of things to do and people to see. This includes hosting parties, visiting family members, and so much more. For your new rescue pup, this is a new and exciting time for them to experience. However, as with most new things, it is also a time to take a few simple steps to prepare your new pet for the upcoming holiday season.

Be Careful With The Tree
The Christmas tree is the standard trademark of most holiday celebrations. This includes a massive tree with ornaments hung from top to bottom and gifts and decorations underneath. It is possible you have had the exact same setup every year with no issue. However, now you have a rambunctious new dog to look out for.

First, we advise putting your puppy on a leash and allowing them to walk and sniff around the tree before you begin decorating. We highly suggest refraining from putting ornaments on the bottom branches to avoid being eaten or knocked off. We also suggest being careful about putting gifts underneath the tree. Even if your pup is not a chewer, they may be inclined to break into any wrapped gifts that include food. If possible, you may want to invest in a plastic gate to put around the base of your tree for at least the first year.

Don’t Feed The Dog
Christmas means family, friends and food. It is possible that you will be hosting more than one holiday party in your home this year. It is also possible that on top of that, you will be taking your puppy to additional holiday parties as well. While your dog will undoubtedly love all the attention, you might want to be careful about the amount of table food they will be eating.

As we all know, it is very difficult to say not a dog who is asking nicely for some human food from the table. However, if everyone at the table gives them something to eat, that is a recipe for them to get sick very quickly. This can be avoided in two ways. First, you can keep your puppy in a separate room while you are eating. If this is not possible, you can politely ask your guests not to feed for your dog from the table. Second, you make your dog a small plate of human food for them to eat in their bowl.

Dogs Like Gifts Too
It seems like every year that shopping list gets longer and longer. Don’t forget that this year you have one more name to add to that list. Your dog may not understand what the holidays season is but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them in the fun anyway. Remember to purchase a few items for your pup to open and play with on Christmas day. Next month, we will be diving into our suggestions on what kinds of gifts to buy your rescue dog.


The holiday season is one of the most exciting and wonderful times of the year. This year will be extra special because you get to spend it with your rescue dog. All we suggest is taking a few simple but key steps to ensure it is as safe and fun as possible.