Who Saved Who?

A Rescue Journey

Rescuing a dog is a moment neither you nor your new Shaggy Friend will ever forget. You may have rescued your canine companion, but what if your dog rescued you, too? Sarah and Matt rescued their dog, Poppy, almost two years ago and they can’t imagine ever living without her.

Why Did They Decide To Rescue Their Dog?

Before Sarah and Matt moved in together, they both lived with their parents, and both households had dogs. They grew up with furry friends and soon found that living without a dog didn’t feel like an option. Since they knew their home wouldn’t be complete without a Shaggy Friend, they were sure they wanted to adopt, not shop. About a month after they moved in together, they were on the hunt for their new family member – and that’s when they met Poppy.

How Has Their Dog Changed Their Lives?

Having lived with dogs, but never having rescued one themselves, Sarah and Matt went through a roller coaster ride when they rescued Poppy. They realized right when they first brought her home that she had a lot of anxiety and aggression. Before Poppy was rescued, she didn’t have a stable household, and it was hard to convince her that her new home would be a loving home. Sarah and Matt spent a lot of time with Poppy – playing with her, loving on her, even getting her training to help her adjust her attitude. It’s been a bumpy two years for this family, but none of them would trade a single second for the life they’ve built with one another.

What’s A Key Tip For Rescuing A Dog?

Sarah stresses that you need to know what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to breed behavior, health issues, and current and past behavior of your dog. It’s also important to understand that having a dog costs money, and you can’t just assume it’ll all fit in the budget you have now – whether it’s food, fleas, ticks, heartworm, yearly vaccines, unexpected vet visits or anything else, you need to make sure you’re prepared. You also need to be ready to expend a lot of time and energy on your dog. Remember, they aren’t just an animal; they’re now a member of your family. 

What Are Some Of Their Favorite Activities With Their Dog?

Sarah’s favorite is nothing more complicated than loving on Poppy and giving her an unreasonable amount of kisses! Poppy has definitely brought a sense of calmness to Sarah’s life, and it’s hard for her to remember what life was like before Poppy joined their family. Poppy has changed so much since they first brought her home – she loves to run around the back yard, go on walks and lounge around with Sarah and Matt. Anything they all do together is a favorite in their eyes.

Would They Ever Consider Rescuing A Dog Again?

Adopt, don't shop – Sarah can’t emphasize that enough. Rescuing a dog is one of the best things you can do when you’re considering bringing one home, she says, because there are so many out there that need homes. Sarah and Matt would love to get a friend for Poppy someday, and it definitely will be another rescue!