Social Distancing With Your Shaggy Friend

Beat At-Home Boredom With Fun Indoor Activities

Though our shaggy friends are safe from COVID-19, we humans are not so lucky. This means social distancing and spending time at home – and indoors – have become more important than ever. 

More inside time for you also means more inside time for your shaggy friends as well. While there’s still the occasional bathroom break, it’s unlikely that anyone will be spending as much time outdoors as usual. Our dogs can get bored just like us, but since we’re all in this together, why not make the best of quarantine times?

Work On Training

When was the last time you had a refresher training course for your dog? Maybe it’s been a while, but now is the perfect opportunity to work on obedience training. Basic obedience training can be done just about anywhere, even if you’re working in cramped quarters. Plus, since you’ll have the time, you could get crazy and work on more advanced tricks such as high-fives, rolling over or, in the spirit of hygiene, learning to wipe their paws. Before you know it, you and your shaggy friend will be coming out of quarantine like a star agility team. 

Pamper Your Pup With A Grooming Day

Extra time indoors may also allow you to treat your dog to a day of at-home grooming. Grooming is one of our pets’ most important basic needs. Being cooped up at home can give you a chance to really get your shaggy friend shiny clean. Just make sure you reward your dog for their patience while you pamper them. You could even go the extra mile and try your hand at homemade dog treats.

Play Indoor Games

If you have a more energetic pup, excessive time without activity can be grueling and could even lead to some destructive behavior. Try indoor fetch with a softball or toy. Just use caution for delicate household items. Though running down a hall is not quite the same as running through a field, it still allows your dog to get excited and work out some of their energy. 

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, you could even set up a treat hunt. Kennel your dog and set treats around your home in safe, strategic places. When released, they’ll smell the treats and start looking. Chances are you’ll probably have to lead them to a few treats, but it still makes for a fun time for you and your shaggy friend. 

Shaggy Friends Are The Best Company For Quarantine

During this unfortunate time, we can focus on making the most out of the hand we’ve been dealt. Spending time with your shaggy friends can help both you and them to de-stress, and take your mind off the chaos for a moment. These activities, along with things such as interactive toys, can make days at home more enjoyable. If you’re wanting a chill day at home, you could always stop by and do some online shopping. Whatever your days at home look like, remember that we still need to take care of each other and our shaggy friends.