Rescuing Your First Shaggy Friend

Tips For Adopting Your First Dog 

It’s a moment you feel like you’ve been waiting for your whole life: It’s time to rescue your very own Shaggy Friend. 

After thinking about it, researching it up and down, and doing every dog-related task in between, you’re getting ready to bring your first furry friend home. It may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make – so be sure to make another wise decision and be fully prepared. 

Why Adopt Rather Than Shop?

Thinking of heading to a pet store instead of adopting? Adopting doesn’t just save a dog’s life; it also saves you money. About 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year, meaning more than half a million dogs didn’t get a second chance to live out their life. When you adopt instead of shop, you give a dog a chance at a new life – they get a new best friend and so do you. Many dogs have gone through troubling times, and they deserve a chance to be loved and cared for. You can give them that opportunity. Though they might not be able to tell you outright how thankful they are, they’ll definitely show it to you every day. 

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Dog

Shelters want to ensure the dogs that are adopted are headed to loving homes because that’s what they deserve. More often than not, you’ll have to submit an application full of general questions that will determine if you’re the right fit. After your application is approved, you might have to go through an interview, then meet all the rescue dogs that the shelter holds. If everything matches up in the application and interview, you’ll get to choose the right rescue fit for your family, possibly with a small adoption fee at the end. Each adoption process is different, and some take longer than others, but in the end, the wait is always worth it.

Making Your Home Their New Home

Before you bring your new family member home, check that you have everything you need. Ask the shelter if your dog needs anything special, whether that be a specific type of food, certain toys or anything else. Everyone loves sleeping in a cozy bed, so make sure your dog has the same. Don’t overwhelm the dog when it first gets to its new home; the pooch might be uncomfortable or scared at first. This is all new for them, so let them get to know their new home and new owners, and scope everything out on their terms. Your dog might need some time to adjust and get situated into the new life you’re providing for them. 

We Could All Use a Shaggy Friend

All dogs are amazing, whether they’re from a shelter or a breeder. Rescuing a dog saves a life, but it does more than that – it also offers a second chance. Your dog will appreciate you for it their whole life, and there’s no better feeling than that. You’ll forever share a special connection and create irreplaceable memories with your Shaggy Friend that will last a lifetime.