Rescuing Our Shaggy Friends

A Dog Is A Part of The Family, Too

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but the connection runs deeper than that – they’re part of the family. You grow up with them, create special memories with them and wouldn’t take a Christmas card photo without them. When your furry friend goes through a troubling time, so does the family. And when you lose your furry friend, a part of you doesn’t feel so whole anymore. 

From A Ruff Time To A Rescue Time

When the family behind Shaggy Friends lost their 10-year-old dog, Buckeye, to cancer in July 2018, it was a rough time for the whole family. The daughter suggested that a new puppy might be a good idea for the house, and they knew they wanted another rescue dog because that’s all they had since they moved into their first house. After visiting multiple rescue organizations, they found that finding a puppy wasn’t the top priority anymore. They realized that a majority of the workers were volunteers and had little to no budget to help all the rescue animals. That’s when Shaggy Friends started – not only were they searching for a new puppy, they were searching for a new way to help all the rescue animals.

Creating A Worthy Cause

Shaggy Friends is more than just a clothing company. It supports no-kill shelters and has the goal of ending euthanasia for all beautiful animals. When you buy something from Shaggy Friends, we donate a minimum of 10% of net profits to animal rescue organizations. By wearing Shaggy Friends products, you are raising awareness of animal rescue and adoption centers. Shaggy Friends hopes to inspire customers all around the world to adopt, don’t shop. We can all continue to help eliminate unnecessary euthanasia in this world.

Everyone Loves Their Shaggy Friend(s)

The love for your Shaggy Friend is undeniable. They’re loyal, trustworthy and dependable, and show you unconditional love each and every day. All these lovable dog qualities are qualities Shaggy Friends wants to represent. Our affordable, comfortable and stylish apparel will make you not only look good but also feel good, knowing that you’re supporting a worthy cause. We guarantee you’ll love whatever product you pick out, and your Shaggy Friend will love the gift you got them, too.