Preparing To Leave Your Rescue Dog With Someone Else

We all know that dogs are at their happiest when around their owners. This is clear by the way they react to use when we come home from work or being away for any length of time. This may be especially true with a rescue dog. Depending on their background, they may have an increased chance of suffering from separation anxiety. Sometimes, a dog feels significantly more comfortable with one member of the family over the others.

While you can try your best to make sure your rescue dog is always in the company of a loved one, you will reach a point where you will need to leave them in the care of someone else for one or multiple nights. Even if your dog has gotten comfortable with the person you are leaving them with, this is still something new they have to get used to. Therefore, you must plan and prepare accordingly.

Ease Them Into It
If you know you have a week-long vacation coming up, do not wait until it arrives to leave your dog with someone else. We suggest dropping them off at a family member’s house a few times before your vacation. You can start with one night and then increase it to two or three. Ideally, these practice runs will take place with the same people you will drop them off with during your actual vacation.

Leave Them With Someone They Know
Your dog may have a reputation as a pup that loves everyone. However, there is a difference between being friendly for a few minutes and being comfortable overnight. If you know you have an overnight trip coming up, reach out to a family member or friend that the dog is familiar with. Also, have that person come over in the days leading up to the trip. This allows the dog to familiarize himself with this person.

Bring The Comforts Of Home
When leaving your rescue pup in a foreign place, you want to make them as comfortable as possible. This includes bringing items such as their bed, toys, and food dish. The more smells of home they can experience, the better off they will be. You may also consider leaving a piece of your clothing behind so your smell can comfort them. Lastly, be sure to include their regular food and treats when you drop them off.

Follow The Routine
Dogs love a good routine. Even though they are in a different place, they will feel at ease if they can follow their regular routine. Be sure to tell your dog sitter information such as what time they go for a walk, when they eat, when they get treats and anything else that is included in their daily schedule.

Don’t Leave Right Away
When planning to drop off your dog, be sure to allow time to stay for an extra 10-15 minutes. Let your dog sniff around the house while knowing you are still there. Encourage your dog sitter to play with him or her so they get comfortable with each other. Also, be sure to say goodbye to your dog. It may be tempting to sneak out the door, but you do not want them feeling confused and wondering where in the house you went.

Once you leave your rescue dog with someone else overnight a few times, it becomes a lot easier. However, until you reach that point, it is something that must be prepared for properly. By following these steps, you will have the peace of mind knowing your dog will be happy and comfortable until you return.