3 Ways To Keep Your Rescue Dog Active During The Winter Months

As the calendar turns to December, it begins to become colder and colder outside. This, combined with the fact that it gets darker earlier, means that there is less opportunity for your dog to go outside and get his much needed exercise. As we all know, dogs are at their happiest and healthiest when they can get outdoors and be active. With winter approaching, keeping your dog indoors may be a threat to their overall physical and mental health.

The key to keeping your rescue dog active during these winter months is to be proactive. It is important to understand that these are the months where you must plan the various ways your dog is going to get the exercise they need. In this week’s post we provide simple but pivotal ways to ensure your canine remains active and energized during the upcoming winter season.

Create A Schedule
When the weather is warm, you don’t need to plan to take your dog out for a walk. Most days, you gladly pop on the leash and take them for a pleasant stroll around the neighborhood as a way to get some exercise. Your dog also gets to run around the backyard anytime you are having a BBQ, going in the pool, or sitting out on the deck. Lastly, spring and summer are prime months for visits to the dog park and playdates with other dogs.

Now that the weather is colder, it is important you keep track of the number of times you take them outside. You will also want to review the weather for the day and make sure you take advantage of when it is warmest. You can take this a step further by looking at the weather for the week and identifying any unusually warm days. This is your chance to go for a longer walk or let them play out in the backyard.

Invest In Warm Clothes
We as humans always make sure that our winter coats and sweaters are readily available when winter approaches. However, it is important that dogs wear winter clothes as well. We suggest purchasing at least one coat that is weather resistant in case it is raining or snowing. You may also want to purchase a sweater for days that are cold but not freezing. As long as your dog feels warm and safe, they will not hesitate to go for a walk when the temperature drops.

We also suggest having your winter clothes readily available by the door. It might be easier to just take your dog outside wearing just a sweatshirt and pants. However, if it is cold out, you will be more likely to stay on your lawn and return quickly back into the house. If you are properly bundled up, you will be able to take them for the long walk they want and need.

Keeping your dog active during the winter means being intentional and creating a plan. Your puppy should not be denied the opportunity to run free just because it is cold out. As their owner, it is your responsibility to make sure they are getting the exercise necessary to stay healthy. By following our tips you can ensure your rescue dog continues to grow strong and healthy and is ready for action when the weather becomes warmer again.