3 Ways To Keep Your Rescue Dog Active

If there's one thing, most dogs are known for it's their energy. This goes double for puppies and newly rescued dogs who can finally run free in their new home. It's common for owners to take their new rescue pup for several walks throughout the day to train them not to go to the bathroom in the house. However, once they are potty trained, it's easy to fall into a routine where you begin to take them outside less and less.

Life is busy, and there are always things like work and your kids that take up your time and energy. However, it's important that you make a concentrated effort to ensure your dog stays as active as possible. Regular exercise ensures that they do not gain weight and become inflicted with health issues such as diabetes. It is also good for their overall health and well-being. Today, we will cover three easy ways to keep your rescue dog active throughout the week.

#1 - Install A Doggy Door

Depending on your schedule, it's not always feasible to take your dog out several times a day. Even when you can take your canine for a walk, they are limited by their leash and unable to run free and stretch their legs. Installing a doggy door on your back door will allow them to freely run in and out of the backyard. This frees you up to focus on other tasks and does not limit your dog's ability to stay active.

Before you install your new doggy door, you must do a full sweep and clean up your backyard. Block off any sections they could get into, including under the patio or behind the shed. Next, examine your fence and yard exits to ensure they cannot sneak out. Lastly, look at any bushes or plants in your backyard and confirm they are not growing anything that could be harmful to dogs. Only after this thorough examination should you let your dog run free unsupervised.

#2 - Find A Dog Park

By performing a simple Google search, you might be surprised to learn how close you live to a dog park. If you are unfamiliar, dog parks are designated, fenced off areas of a park where dogs are allowed to run free without a leash. They often include activities like ramps and tunnels for them to play with. Most parks offer separate sections for small and big dogs to ensure no one gets hurt.

When bringing your rescue to a dog park, be sure they are ready to interact with other dogs. You may want to test this out by scheduling a play date between your dog and another one in the neighborhood. Even if things go well, you will want to keep an eye on them to ensure they are playing nice with the other animals. Also, be sure to bring a bowl and some water, so they stay hydrated. Lastly, do not forget to bring a couple of poop bags if they go to the bathroom while they are playing.

#3 - Hire A Dog Walker

If you feel that your busy schedule is leaving your dog home alone for hours at a time, you may want to consider hiring a dog walker to come to take your pal out during the day. We highly suggest you avoid hiring a random walker though an app. Instead, ask around for recommendations and find a walker that someone can vouch for. Also, we suggest this new walker come over once or twice before they start. This allows your dog to get acquainted with them and see that you approve.


Dogs deserve to be as active as possible. They love to run and be free. While life can get busy sometimes, it's essential you still make time to ensure they are getting the exercise they need to stay healthy. By following these tips, you are increasing your dog's quality of life for years to come.