3 Best Apps For Dog Lovers

We as a society love three things. Our smartphones, social media, and dogs. Perhaps not exactly in that order. With 86% of Americans owning a smartphone, it makes sense to use it when taking care of your pup. It may surprise you to learn how many mobile apps are available that cater specifically to helping you raise your beloved pet. These apps include health and wellness, exercise, pet food, and so much more. Today, we will cover three we believe are innovative ways to care for your dog. 


Do you own a FitBit or know what it is? If so, you will fully understand FitBark. It’s basically FitBit for dogs! Your dog’s tracker comes in the form of a small bone-shaped monitor you can attach to their collar. This app allows you to monitor your dog’s health and compare it to other dogs of a similar breed and age. Also, it allows you to monitor their sleep and alerts you if they are having an issue with stress or anxiety. Best of all, you can link your FitBark to your FitBit and track both of your progress at the same time.


If you are like us, you wish you could take your dog everywhere with you. While you might not be able to take them into the store or out to dinner, you can still find several dog friendly places for them to run around and be free. BarkHappy is designed to help you find local dog parks in your area. It does this by locating where you are and then providing a map of the closest dog park. This app also has a feature that allows you to connect with other local dog areas and meet up in a common location. Lastly, this app can be used to notify your local community if someone has lost their dog.

Pet First Aid

Like it or not, owning a dog is not all walks in the park and cuddling on the couch. It’s important to take precautions to avoid emergencies and be prepared when they happen, anyway. The American Red Cross created pet First Aid to educate pet owners on how to take care of their dog at home if going to the vet is not an option. This robust app allows you to investigate wounds, research if your dog ate some hazardous and more. It also provides you wil a list of nearby vets and hospitals for sudden emergencies.


You love your dog and would do anything to make their life as comfortable as possible. These mobile apps allow you to enhance your dog’s daily existence in multiple ways. They will allow you to track their health, increase their exercise and improve their overall quality of life. We invite you to download all three apps today and see the benefits they can provide you and your pup!